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The Best Vanilla Cupcake

vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and colorful sprinkles

This homemade cupcake recipe is to die for and is simple to make. This is a quick recipe that can be used for cupcakes or a cake and can be adapted or flavored any way you’d like! Using oil instead of butter creates a fluffy, sponge type cupcake that is always delicious.

This is a go-to recipe that everyone needs in the front of their recipe box. I usually top these with my swiss meringue buttercream  to make the most outrageous combo of not-too-sweet but moist and yummy cupcake. 


I like to use veggie oil instead of butter for cupcakes, as the oil creates a moist cupcake that stays fresh at room temperature for days. Oil is easier to use than butter, as you don’t need to wait for butter to come to room temperature.I bet you could whip these cupcakes up quicker than your oven can preheat! Quick and easy, this is the perfect cupcake!


Make sure to use real Vanilla Extract, as this is the main flavor component in this cupcake and I think it makes a difference.


This recipe also uses light sour cream. The sour cream, the secret weapon in this recipe, helps keep these cupcakes moist. I’ve heard that you can substitute the sour cream with Greek Yogurt, although I have never tried it.  

My Swiss Meringue Buttercream is the perfect not-so-sweet, velvety, smooth frosting to pair with this cupcake. You can find my buttercream recipe here.

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and sprinkles

The Best Vanilla Cupcake


  • 2 cups Granulated Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Veggie Oil
  • 3 Large Eggs
  • 1 tbs Vanilla Extract
  • 1/2 cup Light Sour Cream
  • 2 1/2 cups All Purpose Flour (you can sub gluten free for a GF cupcake)
  • 3 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 1/4 cups Milk or Milk Substitute


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line cupcake pan with liners
  • In a large mixing bowl, on medium speed mix together the sugar, veggie oil, eggs, sour cream and vanilla. Beat together until the ingredients are mixed together and the batter is light in color.
  • Slow the speed down and add half the flour followed by the baking powder and salt. Add the milk. Beat on slow speed and mix the remaining flour until all the ingredients are combined. Do not over-mix.
  • Divide the batter evenly into each cupcake liner, only filling about ¾ of the way to the top of the liner. *Do not overfill.
  • Bake at 350 degrees F for about 15 minutes. Test the cupcakes by inserting a toothpick. The toothpick should come out clean with no batter. I like to touch the cupcake top, it should have “bounce” and not feel wet at all.
  • Let cool at room temp before frosting. Enjoy!
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